A Linux DVR Is No Myth—It's MythTV!

James Turner gives us an overview of MythTV—a Linux-based TiVo replacement.


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security dvr?

dennyhalim.com's picture

mythtv is good for home watching tv and recording them.

how about dvr for security cams? recording a dozen cameras simultaneously 24x7 ??

anything for this application??


linux security dvr

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There are some choices you can consider. Check out www.apeccctv.com dvr card section, there are three to four choices you can use to build your own Linux Security DVR. The software are loaded in a Disk on Module, which it is a plug and play drive inserting into the IDE. This means you really don't need to load Linux OS at all and it is self installed.

To know more, call APEC CCTV at 9095953488.

Do you have to defrag the DVR running LINUX

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We have multiple DVRs running on LINUX and we aren't sure if we need to be running a defrag application periodically or not. Typically, we run a defrag on our Windows Servers that write and rewrite to the same disk over and over again, thus the question arose for our DVR's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Linux DVR

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I am looking for a LINUX based DVR software.
I noticed you use such a thing in your comment.
Can you share the name/mfg of your Linux DVR Software and Card


A little late but:

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A little late but:

Linux filesystems like reiserfs are designed to not require defragmenting.

File Sizes on Webpage

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This article contains small images, some of which are 240k in size. Web page images should never exceed 40k, otherwise it is unreadable for those on dialup.

Total page weight

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I'm seeing a total weight of 109kB, which is less than half the size you claim for a single image on this page. Maybe the page has changed, or maybe you are simply wrong. I'm betting on the latter.

Who uses dialup in this

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Who uses dialup in this modern day?

Open Source not Dead in Windows

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Yes the fatal starting words Windows!!!

Myth TV has and will remain a beacon of what a integrated PVR solution should be, with backend and frontend distributed home entertainment for your whole house.

However the none available for free comment here is very misguided.

Myth TV does exist in another form for windows more inspired by than a copy of but one of the best PVR software and its free.


Check it out. http://www.team-mediaportal.com/

Available for free for Windows with almost most of the same features of Myth TV. And create your own with Python scripting included.

And gaining more and more as time goes by.

Inspiration to Dump SageTV

William Strathearn's picture

I put together a PVR a few months ago and was stuck on Windows/SageTV for fear of myth installation difficulty and cutting edge hardware support in Linux. Reading this article inspired me to dump SageTV and embark on a fresh install of Gentoo 2005.1 and MythTV. The whole thing went pretty well, with only one hardware component needing to be replaced for lack of support. The Gentoo community resources were invaluable in getting the whole thing installed and configured in about 20 hours time.

So far, I'm blown away by the large set of features offered by MythTV and shunned by other PVR software offerings. Myth Rocks way harder than any other PVR software offering in existance!

I've documented my journey as a guide to others researching thier own DIY PVR's: http://diylinuxpvr.blogspot.com/