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amaroK is a powerful music player and music management tool for Linux.


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Well, I have quite a

Branko Majic's picture

Well, I have quite a collection of Mp3 CDs (50+), and I don't want it all on hard-disk. Is there any kind of plugin or something to scan my whole CD collection, and then, when I demand a song from some of them, the amaroK demands me to insert the disc?

Oh sure

Strixy's picture

After reviewing (more like scanning) your article I jumped to my computer and tried out amaroK - which should be more like amar0k. As in 0 luck.

In fact, I somehow managed to delete all of my .ogg files from my computer.

I would like to spend more time fiddling with amaroK, but seeing as I now have to go and rip all my CD's again, I don't think that will be happening anytime soon.

Maybe I should have read the full article, but it just looked so promising. What a shamE.

multi disks album

zied's picture

Sure amaroK rock ... it is certain :)
I found it difficult to manage multi disk albums.
does anyone know how to do it ? without chnaging the "album name"

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