Resources for “2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards”

Resources for the print article.

“Getting the Most from XMMS with Plugins” by Dave Phillips: /article/7273

“Open-Source Backups Using Amanda” by Phil Moses:

“The Skinny on Backups and Data Recover, Part 3” by Marcel Gagné:

“LVM and Removable IDE Drives Backup System” by Mike Fogarty:

“rsync, Part I” by Mick Bauer: /article/6475

“rsync, Part II” by Mick Bauer: /article/6508

“An Open Letter to the Community from MySQL Founders David Axmark & Michael 'Monty' Widenius”:

Dell Linux Engineering Page:

“Writing a GCC Front End” /article/7884

“Ubuntu Linux 5.04” by Steve Hastings: /article/8278

Nobody's favorite language? C++ and Free Software:

“The 101 Uses of OpenSSH: Part I” by Mick Bauer: /article/4412

“The 101 Uses of OpenSSH: Part II” by Mick Bauer: /article/4413

“Doing It All with OpenSSH, Part 1” by Marcel Gagné:

“Doing It All with OpenSSH, Part 2” by Marcel Gagné:


Vim's ICCF Link:

“Setting Up Subversion for One or Multiple Projects” by Cristiano Paris: (

“VMware 5 Workstation Edition Reviewed” by Tom Adelstein:

“Fixing Web Sites with Greasemonkey” by Nigel McFarlane: (/article/8215

“Final Voting in 2005 Readers' Choice Awards”:


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