2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards

Some of your old favorites dropped off the Readers' Choice results this year. Has the Linux scene changed for good?
Favorite Version Control System
  1. Subversion

  2. CVS

  3. GNU Arch

The LinuxJournal.com editor would like to point out that the site published “Setting Up Subversion for One or Multiple Projects” back in 2004. Print was snoozing and covering Arch while the Web site was doing the Subversion stuff that was a hit with readers used to CVS-style development. Yay Web!

Favorite Virtualization Solution
  1. VMware

  2. Xen

Virtualization is becoming bigger news these days. VMware lets you run an unmodified guest OS and has been around for longer than the rest, so one or both of these factors matters to voters. If you're new to VMware, we suggest you start by reading “VMware 5 Workstation Edition Reviewed” to get an overview of what it can do. Meanwhile, Xen is a solution that's easy to get started with for Linux-on-Linux setups.

Favorite Web Browser
  1. Mozilla Firefox

  2. Konqueror

Firefox, so good everyone from our editors to the government recommends you use it. For more under-the-hood stuff, check out Nigel McFarlane's article “Fixing Web Sites with GreaseMonkey” from the October 2005 issue.

When everyone, including the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, recommends users switch to your browser, you have to know you're going to win the Readers' Choice Favorite Browser award.

Favorite Web Hosting Service
  1. Rackspace Managed Hosting

  2. 1&1 Internet

Rackspace won here, although this category didn't collect a ton of votes. It did, however, manage to start a comment debate about a host's responsibilities when its clients are the subject of secret search warrants. (“Final Voting in 2005 Readers' Choice Awards”, see Resources.)

That's it for this year. Let us know what you think of the new voting process. And thanks to the 2,358 of you who voted.

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Ubuntu and Debian help each

Balance's picture

Ubuntu and Debian help each other. Ubuntu is more polished than Debian and has a much smaller package set. Debian (unstable) gets packages updated more frequently and has a lot more to choose from.

Regardless of the distribution, this will likely improve support for all Distributions.

I'm agree

marissa's picture

I didn't vote, but I'm agree.

PHP is my favourite programming language ;-)

Agree with you, PHP rocks.

Cell Phone Reviews's picture

Agree with you, PHP rocks.

Programming language.

Dmitry I.'s picture

PHP is the best! But C++ is not too bad...

The same here. Especially

biżuteria's picture

The same here. Especially newest version.


Mohamed Ibrahim's picture

1&1 are providing excellent package compared to what I'm getting from bluehost.com. I wonder about their uptime / reliability.

Not for the large providers

Branchenbuch's picture

I usually don't like the large web hosters - you are just a number for them, as a small customer we usually all are. If you go to a smaller hoster they might have much more time for you.


Poprocks's picture

XMMS is old and unmaintained, I'm surprised it still was able to garner enough support to take the top spot. I would have thought amaroK would have taken the top spot, with Rhythmbox or Beep Media Player second.

Sure, XMMS2 is in the works, but the 1.2.x series uses GTK1... does anyone even keep GTK1 installed anymore?


Ian's picture

Amarok is heavy going for a system, except if you have a 2GHz+ machine. XMMS runs fine even on an old Pentium 200, but Amarok on that same system kills it. XMMS is a good, simple media player with lots of possibilities to extend it, and it works very well, which is why it has maintained its #1 place.

Postgres? It usually takes

Anonymous's picture

Postgres? It usually takes half of my CPU power - doing nothing. I prefer MySQL, its much thinner.

I would hope SQLite makes

Anonymous's picture

I would hope SQLite makes the top list in 2007!

xmms is clearly the best

Anonymous's picture

I've used xmms for three years now, clearly teh best audio player IMHO...


Replic's picture

yeah, really interesting review. Good choice and good sense)