A Comparison of Linux Performance Tuning Books

Pat's back with more mini book reviews to help you sort through the abundance of HOWTOs, references and tech books published every day.

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Optimizing Linux Performance - book

Scott Field's picture

I have the book Optimizing Linux Performance. I'd highly recommend it for a number of reasons. First, the three examples of tracking down performace problems involve satisfying real life examples. Second, it explains the use of a lot of tools. Third, I learnt stuff about top V3 I didn't know, not to mention oprofile, sar, ltrace and strace. This book significantly expanded my knowledge of Linux performance tuning and troubleshooting. It is relevant to "enterprise" tuning because a server farm is composed of individual servers. However I would be first in line to buy a follow up volume covering "Web servers, load balancers, routers, application servers and databases servers" as mentioned in the review. Overall this book is definitely worth the money in my opinion.