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Intrepid M

Levanta recently introduced the Intrepid M management appliance, which combines Levanta's management and provisioning software with shared storage, preconfigured templates and open-source software in a single plug-and-play device. Intrepid M plugs in to the network and allows administrators to provision servers or workstations quickly with full Linux stacks and applications; to deploy software and patches simply and quickly to multiple machines without lengthy installation steps or file copying; to migrate all software and the entire OS from one piece of hardware to another at will; to allocate resources spontaneously using commodity components, with no vendor lock-in; and to track all changes made to a machine by any means. The appliance offers a full-color status LCD, 1.4TB of storage, hot-swap RAID-5 storage, six SATA hard drives in quick-change drive bays, shared storage functionality, dual hot-swap redundant power supplies, hot-swap fans and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet NICs.

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