An Introduction to Gambas

If you think Visual Basic is almost useful, here's a way to almost get it on Linux.


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help me report design

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how to create report in gambas use free tols ??

some questions (bugs in bugtracker?)

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Interested in Gambas, which has very few publications, I read your article (picked it out of my stack of Linux Journals again).
Because this article relies very much on code, I have a couple of questions after reading and using the article:

- no mention of the "get_id" function (1)

- after making the frmAddBug form, there's no mention of the code to effectively save the bug. (2) In the code it seems to have a wrong name (btnAddBug_click instead of btnSaveBug_click)

- doesn't the status have to be 1 (new) by default? As design in the database (status_id) or in the Save code? A new record gets no status, and I see nowhere how it will be shown, all selections are done with the id of a status being there. Other selections? (status = NULL?)

- at the end of the article there is "data.runSQL(..)" but I can nowhere find this method. Does it have to be data.Exec()?

I must admit that I am entering it in Gambas 1.9 (not 1.0), but there seems to be more than version incompatiblity like system.user that is now etc.

(1), (2): it is in the downloadable code thought
Without the code download it is difficult to follow the article in code.

ps: it would be interesting to update it to Gambas2 or at least 1.9.x if you would take it in your hands again to look at these ..