At the Sounding Edge: FreeWheeling

An introduction to audio looping software and a fun program to test drive it.

As mentioned above, the main source of documentation for FreeWheeling is the .fweelin.rc file. FreeWheeling's author also has provided a direct introduction to FreeWheeling in a series of AVI videos. A demo and three tutorials currently are available from the FreeWheeling Web site, and a fourth tutorial should be on-line soon. The FreeWheeling mail-list supplies another source of information about the program and how its users work with it. In addition to this documentation, a number of demonstration soundfiles are available on the FreeWheeling Web site.

Rolling On

FreeWheeling is very musical software, inviting users to play in a powerful real-time composition environment. It also is still-maturing software: I crashed RH9 and FC3 a few times while stumbling around FreeWheeling's keyboard controls. In addition, there are some user-level enhancements I'd love to see, such as JACK transport synchronization and the ability to rename loops and scenes within FreeWheeling. Fortunately, programmer/musician JP Mercury is dedicated to improving FreeWheeling and welcomes suggestions for expanding its capabilities. I must confess that I almost had too much fun with FreeWheeling even at its elemental levels, and as I learn more about it, I also see its deeper possibilities. If you want to play with a real-time loop-based performance instrument, then you need to check out FreeWheeling.

Next month I'll continue my review of Linux audio looping software by looking into Jesse Chappell's SooperLooper.


Similis sum folio de quo ludunt venti.


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Great Article

Anonymous's picture

Okay, I just want to say I struggled with understanding the concept of this software for a while. Aside from a couple AVIs that I couldn't play from my crippled system, I couldn't find much help with this program.

I found this article and had the program working great within a matter of minutes. I hope this article stays on the web for a long long time because otherwise there would be no hope for neophytes like myself.


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Compared to this piece of software I think, ReZound ( is much better

Not at all the same thing!

Anonymous's picture

Freewheeling is a realtime looper with very musical controls... ReZound is a sound editor. I don't see how you can compare them at all.

Rezound vs. FreeWheeling

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I think both softwares follow completely different approaches and can't be compared.

Compared to this piece of sof

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Compared to this piece of software I think, ReZound ( is much better


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Compared to this piece of software I think, ( and Firefox ( is much better :)

- Peder

Author's reply

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I'm curious why you would compare the two programs. ReZound is an excellent editor for soundfiles, not a looping sampler for live use. Have you employed ReZound in a manner similar to FW's working method ?


Dave Phillips