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Red Hat Linux Developers Package, CE Editor for Linux and more.
Red Hat Linux Developers Package

Red Hat Software announced the Red Hat Developers Package, a Linux product and support program for software developers. The program includes monthly CD-ROM updates of Red Hat Commercial Linux and e-mail technical support, documentation, and Linux news. Price: $399 per year.

Contact: Red Hat Software, PO Box 3364 Westport CT 06880, Phone:203-454-5500, Fax: 203-454-2582 E-mail:

CE Editor for Linux

Enabling Technologies Group announced the availability of their latest version of the ARPUS/ce editor FREE for the Linux Operating System. “ce” is a full-screen, X-Windows based editor that provides easy-to-use text editing across a variety of UNIX platforms. Developed originally for users migrating from Apollo's Domain environment, ce was modeled after the Display Manager editor. ETG has incorporated the features of the DM editor that Apollo users liked best with new features. Some features of ce include: ceterm, multiple edit sessions, rectangular cut & paste, global bounded search and replace, coordinated mouse and text cursor control, command macros, unlimited UNDO & REDO, customized keyboard mapping, vertical and horizontal scrolling, and automatic file backup and save.

To get your FREE copy of ce for Linux, do an anonymous FTP to:; cd to /ftp/vendors/ETG; and get the README file for detailed instructions. In this location, you will find the FREE Linux copy and also evaluation copies of ce for other vendors' platforms.

Contact: Enabling Technologies Group, Inc. 8601 Dunwoody Place, Suite 300 Atlanta, Georgia 30350. Phone: 404-642-1500 FAX: 404-993-4667 E-mail:

Mathematica for Linux

Wolfram Research is now shipping a new version of Mathematica for Linux. With Mathematica running under Linux, users can take advantage of Mathematica's extensive numeric and symbolic capabilities, 2D and 3D graphics, a high-level programming language, as well as the many Mathematica applications available. Mathematica for Linux includes support for MathLink via TCP/IP. MathLink, Wolfram Research's communication standard, lets users make seamless connections between Mathematica, their own applications, and other commercially available software. With MathLink it is possible to exchange information between Mathematica and other programs either on one machine or among several machines on a network.

Contact: Wolfram Research, Inc. Phone: 800-441-6284 or 217-398-0700 E-mail: WWW

Contact: Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. Phone: +44-(0)1993-883400. E-mail:

Contact:Wolfram Research Asia Ltd. Phone: 81-3-526-0506 E-mail:


One Click, Universal Protection: Implementing Centralized Security Policies on Linux Systems

As Linux continues to play an ever increasing role in corporate data centers and institutions, ensuring the integrity and protection of these systems must be a priority. With 60% of the world's websites and an increasing share of organization's mission-critical workloads running on Linux, failing to stop malware and other advanced threats on Linux can increasingly impact an organization's reputation and bottom line.

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Linux Backup and Recovery Webinar

Most companies incorporate backup procedures for critical data, which can be restored quickly if a loss occurs. However, fewer companies are prepared for catastrophic system failures, in which they lose all data, the entire operating system, applications, settings, patches and more, reducing their system(s) to “bare metal.” After all, before data can be restored to a system, there must be a system to restore it to.

In this one hour webinar, learn how to enhance your existing backup strategies for better disaster recovery preparedness using Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin), a highly flexible bare-metal recovery solution for UNIX and Linux systems.

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