Wireless Portals with Wifidog

An easy Web-based captive Wi-Fi portal is great for users. A Web-based captive portal system that fits on a Linksys box is great for administrators too.


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Hosted WiFi Dog Solution Try it Free

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I work for a small London based WISP PolkaSpots Limited.

PolkaSpots has just launched a community Wi-Fi offering, which uses wifidog. We're hosting the captive portal solution on our own servers to give people the opportunity to set-up free Wi-Fi Hotspots around the world with minimum investment in hardware.

We need people around the globe to test the service for free. Places are limited to 250 for phase 1 of the trial and we've already had loads of requests.

What you need:

1. Router capable of running the dd-wrt firmware OR openwrt firmware. (Linksys WRT54G or similar)
2. An internet connection
3. Some customers to use it

There are no other requirements, we just want some feedback from you and your customers if possible.

Limited to 250 for obvious reasons so get a move on! We're snowed under with requests so don't be alarmed if we don't respond immediately. You can email pscwtrial@polkaspots.com for more info or to sign up.