India's Upcoming Free Software, Free Society Conference

Free software advocates and IT delegates from around the world will be in Kerala, India, this week in the hopes of building free software collaborations for the future.


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how exactly

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will this be a more productive experience than a month of strong participation in, say, the ubuntu-user or debian-user maillist?


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Excellent Article. Its a great help for people who are in the field of computing. By the way I am being a part of a cloud computing conference, which is being hosted online at present by

Linux: Private teacher in Keral Kottakkal

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I am visiting Arya Vaidyasala in first week of July 2009 for a month, while I am there I want to learn Linux OS, PHP and MySQL.
Can someone recommend a private tutor who can visit please

Missed the Meeting

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I really missed the meeting.. Though the meeting was conducted in the same building where I am working (Park Centre, Technopark, kerala)...But I was lucky to see all the participants; and I was wating to know more about the this meeting. At last I found it here !!!!


Kerala = great Holiday Destination

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If somebody is attending this conference ... take some more days off, as the State of Kerala is one of the real stunning holiday-destinations in India. Stood some days in Cochin and I REALLY liked it there.

Re: Kerala

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Marco - I have to agree. It takes a little bit, until you get used to eat with your fingers (in the street restaurants) 8-)


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Well, the issue isn't really about eating with one's "fingers" (or, hands, as we would call it here). It's just about getting attuned to a new culture. Which is different from what one expects "back home".

About the food you ingest... if you ask a spoon and fork, they'll give it to you!

Hello MarcoThanks for the

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Hello Marco
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Thank you
Karim Nurudeen