Under-Ice Sonar Visualization

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center provides naval and environmental scientists with an integrated 3-D display of under-ice sonar information.

Figure 6. Sonar Visualization Scenegraph Structure

The 3-D scene navigation also allows the user to zoom in and manipulate a particular region of the acoustic environment of interest. This data mining allows for a better understanding of what processes are occurring in a particular region. Figure 7 illustrates a zoomed view of the target strength for the region of an ensonified ice keel. Notice that the scene can be manipulated by the user and viewed from several different angles. Figure 7 also illustrates the building of the reverberant volume for the same acoustic scatter interval, as well as the selection of a single reverberation slice for display.

Figure 7. 3-D Manipulation of Ensonified Ice Facets and Volume Reverberation

Finally, the user can observe the simultaneous evolution of both the target strengths of the faces of the blocks composing the ice keel and the accompanying water reverberation. Figure 8 illustrates the progression of the acoustic signal down a length of the ice keel and the accompanying reverberation at the receiver, in this case a submarine's acoustic system.

Figure 8. 3-D Progression of Sound Signal along the Ice Keel



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