Product of the Day: Communication PC/104 Module with GPS and GPRS/GSM/PCS

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Product: Communication PC/104 Module with GPS and GPRS/GSM/PCS

Manufacturer: EMAC Inc.

Address: 2390 EMAC Way Carbondale, IL 62902

Telephone: 618-529-4525

Play with GPS Technology with this New Communication PC/104 Module

The spread of GPS technology into everyday products will become the norm soon, it just won't be just an expensive option in luxury cars. With this new PC/104 module manufactured by Emac Inc., GPS technology will spread a little faster in other applications. EMAC offers a comprehensive line of products and services that includes Single Board Computers, peripherals, custom engineering, and manufacturing.

EMAC's just released PCM-36E06, is an advanced communication PC/104 module that can be configured to provide Serial port, GPS, GPRS/GSM/PCS cell modem, and Dial-Up modem capabilities. The PCM-36E06 uses a dual UART, where channel A can be configured as an RS232 Serial port or GPS and channel B can be configured as a Dial-Up or GPRS/GSM/PCS Fax/Modem. This gives the PCM-36E06 the flexibility to handle most communication needs.

The combination of GPS and a GPRS/GSM/PCS modem on a single PC/104 module is extremely useful. Virtually all GPS applications that require communication must do so wirelessly. And the best wireless solution is GPRS/GSM/PCS Cell modem. The PCM-36E06 incorporates both of these capabilities into a single PC/104 module.

The rugged PC/104 form factor makes it an excellent fit for small and harsh environment applications. The PCM-36E06 Advanced Communication module has a low cost and a low power consumption of 300mA (typical @ 5V). The cost of the PCM-36E06 configured with GPS and GPRS/GSM/PCS is $512 USD in quantity one including antennas. The PCM-36E06 configured with GPS only is $210. For additional information go to:



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Serg's picture

Whether interestingly there are modules with GPRS/GSM/PCS only


Mark Springer's picture

Hey, this looks like a great module which has a lot of power at a low price. Does it unterstand the G3-World, that we have in europe ... mainly the UTMS-Standard?

Re: G3

Mike Rowers's picture

It looks, like that we have to wait for this feature some more years. Here - in Asia - they only invest, when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. 3-5 years behind the world.

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