First-Round Voting in 2005 Readers' Choice Awards

First-round voting now open.

First-round voting in the 2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice awards is underway. The official ballot is available here.

As you know by now, the Web form is gone, and voting is taking place by e-mail this time. We require plain text e-mail for votes, so no HTML or attachments. Send your completed ballots to

Don't worry, we aren't going to spam you, but we are taking reasonable precautions to make sure there's only one vote per e-mail address. We simply are going to count the last vote per address, so if you make a mistake, just send in a new version.

The categories that received the most nominations and the top nominees in those categories are on this first-round ballot. Vote for your favorite in each of the categories and mail the ballot back to us at

Finally, this is the last stage at which you can submit write-in votes. So if your favorite didn't make it to the official ballot, here's one last chance to vote for it anyway. The final ballot will be announced on June 30.



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The official ballot is availa

Anonymous's picture

The official ballot is available here. with link: is NOT available
I am not able to connect to that. Hopw big is the ballot that they think it needs to be ftp?!?

No pico/nano

Anonymous's picture

They didn't include pico/nano... I know a lot of old-school unix people are vim/emacs, but for a simple, but powerful command-line editor, you can't beat pico or nano.

Erlang !

Mickaël Rémond's picture

Too bad Erlang is missing.
It is a very good programming language.

Mickaël Rémond

missing options

Anonymous's picture

Development tool: distcc
Development Workstation: Home Built
Office: Whatever opens the attachments

I couldn't vote for screen over ssh for system administration, but I use it just about everywhere.

-Benjamin Meyer

P.S. I wonder how many people have converted to subverion this year.

Missing: version control s

Anonymous's picture


version control system: darcs
desktop environment: openbox
desktop environment: rox

Why is Vim split into : Vim and gvim when there is no such split for Emacs?

Isn't emerge and portage most

Anonymous's picture

Isn't emerge and portage mostly the same thing? they are on the same category website ?

Anonymous's picture

Where is last year winner web site ?
I find it strange that the web site which was elected most popular "linux web site" last year does not appear in the ballot !

Can someone explain why ?

Not nominated

Anonymous's picture

It wasn't nominated in the
nomination round.

Since some of your fans have to participate in all three rounds for your site to win, the new system should be better at picking out the opinions of people who are regular LJ readers.


Anonymous's picture

Is it true 1&1 won't let you host BitTorrent files?


Sounds like a cheesey way to make you pay for more bandwidth!

Yes it can

Anonymous's picture

I have hosted BitTorrent files on 1&1 developer hosting and work out okay.

Re: 1&1

Markus Haider's picture

This is a german company ... doing international business. That says it all 8-))))) My US-American Provider, where I rent a whole server is relaxed and cool.

Missing and wrong entries

Martijn Klingens's picture


A couple of notes for the vote for several categories:

* Desktop workstation lists the most cheap and the most expensive Dell boxes, but the office workhorse Dell Optiplex is not listed. Listing Dell thrice and other brands only once isn't very fair though. I'd either group Dell together or also add more HP models and the Mac Mini and iMac.

* e-mail client lists KMail and Kontact separately. One could argue that they are the same from an e-mail perspective. The fact that Kontact integrates not only KMail but also KOrganizer, aKregator and many more doesn't change the fact that the mail component is identical. I'd personally list it as "KMail / Kontact" unless you really want the demographic information about which 'form' of kmail is used.

* Instant Messaging lists ksirc, but not Konversation, which is a far more user friendly IRC client for KDE, and likely even has more users nowadays. Please consider adding that option.

* I'm missing a category Linux Certification (LPI 1/2, COMPTIA, RH certified and Novell/SuSE certified should at least be there)

* I'm missing a category Groupware software (Kolab, OpenGroupware, eGroupWare, Groupwise, Lotus Notes, ...)

* Although it probably won't be chosen by anyone I think listing i386 under processor architecture is a good idea for fairness.

* Under server, 'hp dl series' is a specialisation of 'HP Proliant', since it's basically HP Proliant DL Series. If you want that specialisation then you should also list the Proliant ML and BL Series. And although I wouldn't choose them myself I think Dell PowerEdge also belongs there for completeness, and Apple's and Sun's offerings are missing too.

* Under system administration tool I miss KDE KioskTool, the GUI frontend for the Kiosk desktop lockdown framework, (Free)NX from NoMachine for remote desktops and possibly also the 'fish:' IO-slave in KDE to browse filesystems over SSH from Konqueror. Given that emerge and portage are listed one would also expect Apt and given Zenworks and Tivoli one would expect OpenView. Given Nagios I'm missing Big Brother and Big Sister. And then the list is even bigger, so it might be an idea to split the category in subcategories.

* training and linux training are the same AFAICS.

Quite a list of suggestions, I hope you don't mind and can incorporate some (all?) in the survey. :)

-- Martijn

Educational software

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So sure, I'm biased (I wrote Tux Paint), and the current market isn't very large, but it's definitely growing. There should be a category for best K12 educational apps/games/tools!


I too second the motion that

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I too second the motion that there should be a category for best K12 educational apps/games/tools. There are some, perhaps many, and it is a very important place where the open source movement can contribute. Having the category would recognize those who already do, and encourage those who don't yet.

I want to second this one! N

Anonymous's picture

I want to second this one!
No Tux Paint?
Well, this is a joke or what?! :)


typo in media player section

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A little typoe here:

media player: Kaffiene

It's spelled "Kaffeine"

Linux web site : and DLFP ?

ayk's picture

In the category "Linux web site", where is ?

hm, "write-in vote" means "DIY"?

Michael Shigorin's picture

I've submitted the ballot with

distribution: ALT Linux

-- did I understand the proposal correctly?

Also, looking at it: is there enough difference between SSH and OpenSSH as tools to differentiate within management section? I doubt.

confused, too

Jon Dowland's picture

I am similarly confused - I hope I don't void my ballot :-) For anyone interested, I submitted 'apt' for system config tool, 'darcs' for version control, and '' for web hosting service.

Almost the same as I did, tho

Anonymous's picture

Almost the same as I did, though I chose arch, I should change it to darcs, and '' for web hosting.

I see two entries for: ser

Anonymous's picture

I see two entries for:

server: IBM eServer xSeries

I assume one of those should be iSeries, as pSeries is already there. Or perhaps zSeries?

Fixed now. Thank you.

Anonymous's picture

Fixed now. Thank you.

Sorry, not fixed! server: IB

as400gek's picture

Sorry, not fixed!
server: IBM eServer zSeries
server: IBM eServer xSeries
server: IBM eServer pSeries

Then again, i5eries is a secret even within IBM ;-)

Not nominated

Anonymous's picture

iSeries wasn't nominated in the nomination round.