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ppp to eth0

Eduardo Osorio's picture

I want to know if this is posible between
a modem conection to internet and eth0

i have to connect to a ISP (56k modem) in my old computer
AMD 640mhz Duron processor running Ubuntu Hoary
and want to bridge to a laptop XP SP2.

it's that posible i you have tried please
post a link to that information i will follow
thanks to everybody.

bridge a wired and wireless network?

pavlos's picture

I have an existing wired network 192.168.1.* and would like to add a wireless router as 192.168.5.* That way, my wired systems work on the dot 1 subnet and the wireless systems would work on the dot 5 subnet.

Do I need to setup a bridge per your article?


More than Ethernet?

TRfan's picture


I have a TokenRing network running at my house and would like to "Bridge" the Ethernet Internet router/TokenRing network divide.
Will this work as detailed in the article?
Using a TokenRing & Ethernet adapter in stead of Ethernet/Ethernet.



Liam's picture

Why are you using tokenring? I haven't seen a tokenring network since '89 (though am still a proud owner of a token ring device from my old HP Vectra 286).

Bridging on Linux works only

Anonymous's picture

Bridging on Linux works only with Ethernet

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