UBL: Another Opportunity for FOSS in the Enterprise

A conversation with two of the developers behind a new standard for achieving a Universal Business Language.

Articles about Digital Rights and more at http://stop.zona-m.net CV, talks and bio at http://mfioretti.com


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what about Intellectual Property Rights?

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the OASIS IPR policy (http://www.oasis-open.org/who/intellectualproperty.php) is known to be opensource unfriendly (http://osdir.com/Article4278.phtml).

the golden phallus has arrived!

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The World Trade Organisation has been pushing for the development of this technology for some years.

an American buyer could create and e-mail in English an order for, say, one hundred carpets. The Thai employee who receives the order in her in-box could open the file with any UBL-enabled application and read it in her native language

Beats speed in the water cooler.

XForms Support in StarOffice/OpenOffice.org

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Some tutorial-like information can be found at: