Exploring Ruby on Rails

A discussion about the Rails framework, how to build with it and the benefits of Ruby.


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Interesting article

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Thank you for the interesting article. We have considering using Ruby for various portions of our web to print solution.

Exploring Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails or RoR, is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language.

We build quality Ruby On Rails web applications for startups and established businesses since early 2006. We focus on the core idea, perfect the interface, suggest innovative features and deliver; we help your company succeed faster by using the best technologies available.

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really liked the Q&A approach. This article was just what I needed as a newbie who is just getting started with RonR.

Thinking about ruby

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I think that ruby on Rails is an interesting language as well as faster then others but little bit confused that will i be able to develop any kind of application ?

Ruby - For Professionals

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Ruby reminds me on the forecast of gartner, that till 2010 there will be 40% less employment in information technology. The forecast bases on the fact, that productivity in IT increases dramatically. Ruby demonstrates another highly productive environment. It is not neccessary to learn anything, neither design pattern nor programming languages. For Doug Fales who is very experienced in Java, Ruby is a nice trip. But I would not begin with it.

Ruby on Rails Interview

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Good job & very interesting!

I really liked the Q&A approach. This article was just what I needed as a newbie who is just getting started with RonR.

My development teams are JAVA and Coldfusion based. They are reluctant to consider RonR, but I am very impressed and will continue down this road.