Resources for “ATA Over Ethernet: Putting Hard Drives on the LAN”

Resources for the print article.

Coraid Linux Support Page:

ATA Over Ethernet Protocol Specification:

The Filesystem HOWTO:

The Software-RAID HOWTO by Jakob 330stergaard and Emilio Bueso:

LVM HOWTO by AJ Lewis:

The Latest LVM:

The Latest Device Mapper:

The Latest GFS:

The vblade Exports Storage Using AoE:

rsync Backups:

Backup PC:



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Alternatives to Coraid

Dany Chouinard's picture

I wonder if it would be difficult to do the other way around? What if I have a disk that I want to put on the network using AoE?

This might sound silly but I have spare 24 ports switch and a couple of computer laying around with somewhere around 80gig hard drives each. I would expect to be able to build a nice raid array using those, isn't?

Or just build my own blades using couple of computers with 3ware SATA raid array - I would then get redundant disks over cluster filesystem (GFS).

Publishing your own drives - can be done

William Stearns's picture

While I haven't tried it myself yet, it's my understanding from the article that the vblade program does exactly that - it allows a Linux system to publish a block device over AOE just like a blade. You could publish a 3ware raid volume over AOE with it.
-- Bill