Syncing the Treo 650 with Bluetooth

The new Treo smartphone is GNU/Linux compatible and comes with Bluetooth connectivity--here's how you can set it up for your network.

-=mUnky=- -Dovid Kopel


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About Tero650

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The palm Tero650 is a opearating system based smart phone which was officially introduced during October 24, 2004. The CDMA Versions are seen in the new models like Tero700p & Tero 755p whereas GSM version is seen under Treo 680 and Treo 750v.
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in fact, it was interesting. I like it! P.S.: cool

does somebody know how to do

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does somebody know how to do it with ubuntu feisty and 700p?

Missing script !!!

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where is the /etc/chatscripts/sprintbluetooth ????

You reference it but did not provide it!

[HOWTO] Guru Labs Guide to Linux and Bluetooth Dialup networking

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Closely related to this article, you may be interested in the Guru Labs Guide to Linux and Bluetooth Dialup Networking.

The Guide covers the steps needed to get your laptop on the internet over a Bluetooth connection to a Treo 650.

You can read the guide here.

Just an update...

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I hope that this article has been helpful to those looked through it. I would like to add that there have been some modifications to the Bluetooth syncinh procedure since I have applied the new Sprint patch. I am running a rom from Shadowmite's site that contains the new Sprint update. I have not needed to run my "treoconnect" script as mentioned in the article. All I needed to do was connect through KPilot and have the Bluetooth setting set to on, on my treo. In fact, if I had already connected through the the treoconnect script you will probably get a serial error. I hope that this helps anyone who is running the new update and this article isn't helping them out.

Just a note, I have seen other Bluetooth related problems with this update. My headset no longer auto-links when I make a call...which is fairly annoying. You may want to check your hardware support prior to the update.

-Dovid Kopel

-Dovid Kopel

Looks really simple, just rec

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Looks really simple, just recompile your kernel, execute a few arcane commands, write a few scripts, cross your fingers and pray for connectivity.

Linux Mobile Phone Survey

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This report is included into the TuxMobil - Linux and Mobile (Cell) Phones Survey.

Why didn't you include this other howto?

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Why didn't you link to or include this other howto which has a lot more screenshots and details? According to that page, this guy's howto has been around since late 2003.

Does it use SyncML? If yes, h

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Does it use SyncML? If yes, how well does it work with free Linux friendly SyncML services such as ScheduleWorld?

SyncML will NEVER be used in Linux, period!

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SyncML is an "open" (as in mostly-documented) technology, riddled with patents and proprietary technology. The licensing specifically forbids it from being used in any Free Software or OSS projects.

Syncronizing over Bluetooth with your Treo650 (or any other Bluetooth-enabled PalmOS device) does not use SyncML.

"Implementation of all or part of any Specification may require licenses under third party intellectual property rights, including without limitation, patent rights (such a third party may or may not be a Supporter). The Sponsors of the Specification are not responsible and shall not be held responsible in any manner for identifying or failing to identify any or all such third party intellectual property rights."

SyncML for GPL SW

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How do you explain the availablility of SyncML for Open-Xchange, the (excellent) GPL groupware server?

What a shame - that with the patents ...

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I didn't know that this SyncML has so many restrictions. It came to my attention, when I ordered a web-hosting and got this "Sync" for free. If I wanted, I could use it with GPRS and my latest Siemens Phone. Well, well - what a shame ... that with the patents.