Linux in a Windows Workstation Environment, Part II: Local Network Support

Setting up local network support for file shares, print serving and intranet services.
Preview of the Next Article

The next and last article in this series will describe how we use our server to provide VPN tunnels that secure the transmissions of our users over a Wi-Fi network, which is required to be unsecured.

Larry Finger is retired from the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington DC, and currently is the volunteer technical advisor for the computer club of the Mesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona. Besides maintaining the system described in this article series, he also collaborates in the development of a program to display models of crystal structures.



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hello my name is josh and i w

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hello my name is josh and i was wandering how you put out comment

wput link is down .... :(

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wput link is down .... :(

It works now - must have been

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It works now - must have been temporary.