At the Forge - Sunbird and iCalendar

Mozilla's Sunbird calendar combines the advantages of centralized, cooperative Web applications with the speed and usability of a cross-platform desktop tool.

Our investigation of hybrid desktop-Web applications has begun with an examination of the iCalendar/vCalendar file format, using the Mozilla standalone Sunbird application. We were able to create different types of events and then move the resulting iCalendar file from our local machine to a remote server.

However, our calendar is static, meaning that someone has to modify it by hand or by uploading a calendar file each time it changes. In my next column, we will learn how to create iCalendar files dynamically, using a Web/database application. We then will look at different ways in which calendars created on one computer can be written to a server and shared with other people.

Resources for this article: /article/8128.

Reuven M. Lerner, a longtime Web/database consultant and developer, now is a graduate student in the Learning Sciences program at Northwestern University. His Weblog is at, and you can reach him at



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Very detailed article and i

Marc's picture

Very detailed article and i would like to add that now, after using Sunbird i am more organised.It's a great piece of software