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Red Hat Software offers Linux on CD-ROM, SoftStar announces Network Management System and more.
Red Hat Software offers Linux on CD-ROM

Red Hat has released a new distribution of Linux, RHS Linux. RHS Linux comes on CD-ROM only at this time, and features automated installation and X configuration, simplified system management tools, package installation and un-installation tools, and documentation. Source for all the binary packages is included in the same package format used to install the binary packages. RHS Linux complies with the Linux FSSTND, the standard that defines the location of most files on Linux systems, allowing you to install any FSSTNDcompliant binary package on your system without conflicts.

Red Hat Software can be reached at Red Hat Software, P.O. Box 4325, Chapel Hill, NC 27515; phone (919) 3099560; or

SoftStar announces Network Management System

Soft*Star s.r.1. has released a Linux version of NetEye, a network management system based on OSF/Motif, SNMP, and a relational database. NetEye has very powerful support for monitoring networks and provides an intuitive graphical user interface that allows relatively inexperienced network administrators to effectively manage networks. It includes management of trouble reports, active network monitoring, reactive SNMP trap handling, and extensive reporting.

Soft*Star can be reached at Soft*Star s.r.1., Via Camburzano 9, 10143 Torino, Italy; +39 11 74 6092; fax +39 11 74 6487.

VersaSoft releases dBMAN

VersaSoft has released dBMAN, a dBASE III+ compatible DBMS, for Linux. It includes ad hoc query and edit capability, a report generator that does not require programming, scrollable windows (using termcap with color support), multi-dimensional arrays, data encryption and protection at the field level, source compatibility with dBASE III+ applications, extensions to dBASE III+ that are completely compatible over the more than 30 platforms supported by dBMAN, and a source-level debugger, yet requires less than 2MB of disk space to install.

VersaSoft can be reached at VersaSoft Corporation, 4340 Almaden Expressway, Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95118; phone (408) 723-9044; or fax (408) 723-9046.

ObjectProDSP from Mountain Math Software

Mountain Math Software has just released a new DSP environment, licensed under the GNU General Public License. ObjectProDSP allows you to create, test, and run DSP networks, and it can support some DSP hardware. It includes approximately 400 pages of documentation and validation test suites. ObjectProDSP is designed to create self-documenting projects. This is demonstrated by the fact that much of the documentation that comes with ObjectProDSP is generated in this way.

ObjectProDSP can be downloaded via ftp from in /pub/linux/packages/dsp, and from in /pub/Linux/devel/opd.

Mountain Math Software can be reached at Mountain Math Software, P.O. Box 2124, Saratoga, CA 95070; phone (408) 353-3989; or

Alpha Base Systems releases Linux port of MAE

ABS has ported their Metropolis Applications Environment to Linux. MAE integrates a DBMS with a character-mode windowing system called “flip” and a personal organization manager called “Assistant Plus” which integrates e-mail, phone message taking, scratch pad, appointment scheduler, to-do lists, and a profile list manager.

Alpha Base can be reached at (213) 850-6577; fax (213) 876-0986.



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