What's New in Fedora Core 3 SE Linux

A number of changes have been made to Security Enhanced Linux in Fedora Core 3--here's what you should know.
Future Developments

Development work currently is underway on making the strict policy more flexible and on making defaults that will work more easily out of the box. Work also is being done on Security Enhanced X, where the aim is to have control over the X sessions so that, for instance, a hostile X program can't interfere with other X programs on the display. Examples of this are programs not being able to sniff the keyboard and seeing windows or concealing windows without the X user knowing.

The SE Linux user base is growing consistently, and with the inclusion of SE Linux in Fedora releases, more and more people are becoming aware of its many advantages. At first glance, SE Linux may appear quite daunting, and many users find the targeted policy a good starting point. Support may be found in the form of FAQs, HOWTOs, mailing lists, published articles and IRC channels.

Faye Coker works as a freelance systems administrator and often finds herself running the systems at ISPs and converting servers to Linux. She has worked in Europe and Australia. She also has been asked "are you lost?" far too many times at Linux conferences.



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Fedora core 3 and digital card

anaabed's picture

Fedora core 3 does not run when a digital card is setup. how can we solve this problem.