HP Compaq nx5000

With the nx5000, HP gets closer than anyone has yet to a general-purpose business PC running Linux.

Fortunately, for our ability to test HP's Linux support, we found one thing that didn't work—the front-panel volume and mute buttons. We got through to a Linux support person quickly, but the nx5000 he had seemed not to have the same load as the review unit, and the solution that got the review unit working didn't work for him. The solution was to run LinEAK, which was installed but not running in our KDE session.

Finally, right before we sent the laptop back, one person was able to get the nx5000 to lock up twice in one day simply by editing a file with Vim in a Konsole window. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace wouldn't work to kill X, and we weren't able to duplicate the problem.

With the nx5000, HP gets closer than anyone has yet to a general-purpose business PC running Linux. If you want to make your company's Linux desktop migration a treat of working in café and enjoying media instead of a chore, get one to evaluate. Dorm-room or small-apartment dwellers can consider this as a good main computer and entertainment system.

Don Marti is Editor in Chief of Linux Journal.



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l cant fine of my laptop drivers*hp compaq nx5000

sandra darkson's picture

please help me to fine these drivers for my laptop
2.sound drivers
thank very much...hope to hear from u very soon..

I can help you!!!

Anonymous's picture

I can help you... i can send you a CD with all those drivers I have the same computer, I can make a back up and send it to you, I just need your adrees to ship it to you.


drivers hp compaq nx5000

haboub01's picture

I need the driver of the network nx5000 for my laptop , please lead me to it.

Would SuSE 9.2 Pro work?

Paul's picture


Would SuSE 9.2 Pro installed over the top of the 9.1 install work?
Do you know if HP will start using 9.2 in the future?


nx5000 - my experience

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First, My unit is almost identical to th review unit, except its 1.6GHz and has bluetooth.

I bought this because a review said everything worked. Well, not out of the box, but indeed everything does work. IrDA (SIR only), bluetooth, modem, wifi, ethernet, serial, parallel, USB, Firewire, S-video out.

There's no internal Microphone, but the modem is a complete voice/fax/data modem, and most of the source code (maybe all?) is available from the vendor. Similarly, the Atheros Wifi driver is mostly source-code available (there is one piece the US FCC will not allow to be released as source code). Again, the vendor will steer you to it. Also, the modem driver daemon works quite well with the standard intel8x0m module, so the proprietary modules aen't really necessary. Note that HP has provided the module source code where available, ready to rebuild, in usr/src/kernel-modules.

LinDVD seems to have trouble with 1400X1050, but the open-source player works OK. However, the lock-ups really happen. I think it is a video memory allocation problerm, but don't have any real evidence.

Fedora Core 3 works OK, except for xorg - which is a guaranteed lock-up. The older XFree86 SuSE supplies has the problem very rarely.

All in all, I'm very happy with the computer, but I've spent a LOT of time trying to find the elusive lock-up.

RE:nx5000 - my experience

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Can you send me any kind of directives concerning S-Video out and irda configuration. I have Debian Testing installed on my laptop.


Hot swap??

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When you say swap the CD/DVD for the battery, is that a hot swap with some KDE/Gnome software knowing what is going on? Or worse yet, do you need to power down the machine to swap? Also, when using two batteries does the battery monitor show them both or does it simply add up both battery times and treat them as one battery?


about how to buy a battery for my hp compaq nx 5000

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Please i am from morocco i have a portable hp compaq nx 5000 i want to buy a new battery by internet but i don t know how . please help me

RE: The Compaq FTP server: A link worth remembering

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