Programming Tools: Eclipse 3.0.1

Programming Tools: Eclipse 3.0.1

Eclipse is a major new way of developing systems. It can serve as an IDE for many popular languages and as a base for any application. However, it is not as mature yet as many standalone IDEs geared to specific languages, such as the offerings from Borland, Active State and, my current favorite Python IDE, eric3. Even with these caveats, it might be time to start thinking of migrating to Eclipse, especially if you have some significant development efforts ahead.

Reg. Charney has been a techie, an entrepreneur and businessman. He also has been a long-time Linux enthusiast and now is developing a series of business applications for Linux. His favorite language is Python.



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PyDev link request

Anonymous's picture

Perhaps the author could add a link to PyDev to the list of Resources. Also, does PyDev work with Eclipse 3.01?


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Articles and Resources about LINUX

Re: PyDev link request

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pydev commentary on python plugins for eclipse, including a mention of and a link to pydev

the above are the first two hits from this google search

Re: Programming Tools: Eclipse 3.0.1

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netBeans 4b is very nice. The UI is not as cluttered as the eclipse one and overall it is easier to use. Projects are now Ant tasks as well. Plus it already supports Java 5. NB4 is the way to go.

Re: Programming Tools: Eclipse 3.0.1

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I agre very nice, the only thing I liked about eclipes is it there were more UML tools to plug-in

Re: Programming Tools: Eclipse 3.0.1

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Eclipse Goes Native is interesting -- you can build and run Eclipse without a Java VM.

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