Making Movies with Kino

Today's inexpensive camcorders can shoot great video. All you need to do a real video project is the right editing tools and, of course, practice.
Some Final Remarks

Kino still is under development and may crash sporadically when you are using Edit or Trim, so make sure you save your movie project regularly. Although Kino watches the files it creates, it may lose control of them in the case of a crash. In order to keep your hard disk clean, do not forget remove unused .dv files.


The authors sincerely thank Professor Paul Bartholdi, Observatoire de Geneve, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy, for providing a real Internet connection that is impossible from Dnepropetrovsk National University.

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Olexiy Tykhomyrov ( has been using Linux since 1994. He works for the Department of Experimental Physics at Dnepropetrovsk National University and teaches physics and communications. He loves his son Misha who calls him Tiger because some of his students are afraid him. Tiger likes swimming and traveling.

Denis Tonkonog, a former student of Tiger, also works at Dnepropetrovsk National University and likes traveling and fishing with a gun. Friends call him Black Cat but nobody explains why. He can be reached by e-mail at



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Kino export

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Thanks for the article! I was finally able to get my DV exported properly with your help.

Problem with registration

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I am a Linux Journal subscriber for many years.
As I am located in Germany, I do not receive the Journal with a label
but I would like to participate in the suscriber info.
I am certain that you will help, as this situation concerns many
international subscribers.


Re: Problem with registration

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I'm located in Spain, and receive the magazine via DHL Globalmail from "ALLEMAGNE", with a label (with the subscriber info too 8-)