Paranoid Penguin - Adding Clam Antivirus to Your Postfix Server

Keep vulnerable systems out of trouble with a layer of high-performance protection on your Linux mail server.
Postfix Configuration

Our ClamAV and Amavisd-new dæmons are configured and running. Only a couple more tasks remain, configuring Postfix for content filtering and updating ClamAV's virus databases.

Important note: the following assumes that Postfix already is configured for and successfully performing its normal receiving/forwarding duties.

First, open /etc/postfix/ with your text editor of choice, and add the lines in Listing 3 to the bottom of the file, if they aren't there already.

The smtp-amavis section defines Postfix's outbound communications, using the SMTP protocol, with amavisd. It corresponds to the following line you should add or edit in /etc/postfix/

content_filter = smtp-amavis:[]:10024

This line tells Postfix to send all incoming e-mail to, the local system, on TCP port 10024, amavisd's default SMTP listening port, by using the smtp-amavis interface we defined in You can change amavisd's listening port by editing the $inet_socket_port parameter in /etc/amavisd.conf.

The second section in Listing 3 defines the inbound interface on which Postfix should accept messages returned by amavisd. In other words, Postfix listens on the local loopback IP on TCP port 10025, which are the address and port to which amavisd sends notifications and forwarded messages by default. You can change amavisd's notification and forwarding address and ports by editing the parameters $notify_method and $forward_method parameters, respectively, in /etc/amavisd.conf. After editing and, you need to restart or reload Postfix.

Testing the System

Before we go any further, let's test the system. The simplest way to test is to send yourself an e-mail message containing the following string, which is not a real virus but a test string called the Eicar Test Signature:


If everything is working, amavisd sent an e-mail to the account you specified in amavisd.conf's $virus_admin parameter, and the message should be quarantined in the directory specified in amavisd.conf's $QUARANTINEDIR parameter.

I highly recommend tailing your mail log while performing this test. Type tail -f /var/log/mail, and Postfix and amavisd will log their actions there. In my own experience, this is the fastest way to identify problems, especially if you increased amavisd's log-verbosity as described earlier.

Also, be sure to do at least one test with clean e-mail to ensure you haven't impaired Postfix's ability to receive and deliver unfiltered mail.

Updating ClamAV's Databases

There's only one thing left to do, but it's important: update ClamAV's virus-signature databases and create a cron job to do so automatically every day. ClamAV includes a utility called freshclam for this purpose.

Because using freshclam is the simplest task in this entire undertaking, and because I'm basically out of space for now, I leave it to you to explore the freshclam(1) and freshclam.conf(5) man pages. Suffice it to say that in normal practice you use the command form freshclam -l /path/to/logfile, where /path/to/logfile specifies the file to which you want freshclam to write its logs.

It's recommended that you run freshclam every couple of hours. The easiest way to do this is by running freshclam in dæmon mode via the -d and -c startup options. See the freshclam(1) man page for more information.


With that, you now should have a ClamAV-enabled SMTP gateway or at least be started down the road towards one. If you're having problems, the on-line Resources includes additional Postfix plus Amavisd-new tutorials. Good luck!

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Mick Bauer, CISSP, is Linux Journal's security editor and an IS security consultant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's the author of Building Secure Servers With Linux (O'Reilly & Associates, 2002).



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postfix is not allowing the communication with the port 10025

kiran's picture

dear sir,

i have done the basic setup of postfix and have enabledthe virus scannindg using clamav with amavisd.......
the configuration is fine while testing through telnet..
can u help me out sir why postfix is not allowing the connection through the port 10025

missing files and unmet depends

dannyr's picture

I updated my repos to clamAV for Ubuntu and ran;
apt-get install clamav clamav-base clamav-freshclam clamtk libclamav1
-clamav is already the newest version.
-clamav-base is already the newest version.
-libclamav1 is already the newest version.
-Some packages could not be installed.
- unmet dependencies:
clamav-freshclam: Depends: clamav-base (= 0.88.2-1ubuntu1) but 0.88.4-0volatile1 is to be installed

I did not get any conf files or any daemons eg clamd

Any suggestions