Linux for Suits - We're Going to Be a 90% Linux Shop

The biggest Linux success story is one too few IT workers can tell. Linux and open source are pushing proprietary software out to the edges and taking over the core, where the money is.

Doc Searls is Senior Editor of Linux Journal


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Re: We're Going to Be a 90% Linux Shop

fredmora's picture

Very nice article, Mr. Seal. One minor gripe:
Phil Moore still supports Microsoft desktops in the midst of a growing infrastructure comprised of Linux and other open-source building materials.

You mean "composed of". Comprise is a synonym of include. You can write:

  • My network comprises 5000 machines
  • My network is composed of 5000 machines
  • My network is made of 5000 machines
  • My network includes 5000 machines
  • My network consists of 5000 machines

But you should never write "is comprised of". Ever. See "common English mistakes" in an English dictionary such as

It's nice to assure yourself

Anonymous's picture

It's nice to assure yourself that your ignorance is normal, isn't it?

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