2004 Readers' Choice Awards

Favorite Development Tool
  1. GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

  2. Emacs

  3. Eclipse

All these vendors are releasing development tools like crazy, but our voters stick with the basics, thanks anyway. GCC and Emacs combine to claim 33% of the total votes. After that, it's Eclipse and KDevelop. Among write-ins, vi, vim and VisualWorks SmallTalk are the most popular.

Favorite Text Editor
  1. vim

  2. vi and vi clones

  3. GNU Emacs

Last year, vim beat vi by almost three times as many votes; this year, it was by only twice as many. Hmm, I wonder what that could mean? Seriously, what's the voting process for if not a chance to develop new conspiracy theories? Coming in at a strong number four is Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor. Could readers finally be ready for a modern user interface in an editor instead of Meta-x this and Escape-colon-that? Stay tuned.

Favorite System Administration Tool
  1. Webmin

  2. YaST

  3. KDE Desktop Sharing

Be honest now, you all were most anxious about voting in this category, weren't you? Nothing screams excitement like sysadmin tools. But we're grateful to have them, that's for sure. Webmin collected barely more than 25% of the total votes to take first place. On the write-in side, a collection of text editors and shells claimed most of the votes.

Favorite Server
  1. HP Integrity rx4640

  2. HP ProLiant DL585

  3. SGI Altix 3000

HP claimed first and second place for a combined 35% of all votes in this category. Last year's first-place finisher, the Altix 3000, fell to third this year. The write-in votes featured a lot of Dell and IBM server variations. And, of course, many of you continue to build your own servers.

Favorite Network or Server Appliance
  1. Cyclades AlterPath ACS

  2. Net Integrator, vMark 1

  3. Veritas Storage Foundation, v4.5

Only a few hundred voters expressed a preference in this category. Among those who did vote, the Cyclades AlterPath ACS was the favorite for a second year.

Favorite Portable Workstation
  1. Monarch Hornet 64 Custom System

  2. Linux Certified LC2430 Linux Laptop

  3. EmperorLinux Toucan Laptop, vT42p

Laptops continue to dominate this category, although various Zaurus PDA models made a number of appearances in the write-in section. The big hardware vendors—Dell, IBM, Sony, Toshiba and Apple—ate up most of the write-in votes. HP introduced its Linux laptop too late to catch the voting, so we'll see how they do next time.

Favorite Processor Architecture
  1. AMD Athlon

  2. Intel Pentium 2, 3 and 4

  3. PowerPC

PowerPC and Opteron switched places this year, but only 20 votes separated the two architectures. Meanwhile, Athlon held on to the top spot for another year, having received 40% of the total vote count. Intel Itanium picked up the most write-in votes.

Favorite Office Program
  1. OpenOffice.org

  2. AbiWord

  3. StarOffice

Receiving 72% of the votes, OpenOffice.org is by far this year's favorite office program. In fact, OpenOffice.org received 2,180 more votes than the second-place finisher, AbiWord. It's hard to beat office software that makes more logical sense than its competitors, is compatible with almost everything and, oh yeah, is free.

Favorite Programming Language
  1. C

  2. Perl

  3. C++

Ah, favorite programming language—time for a flame war. A bit of a shake-up this year: after being knocked out of first place last year, C reclaims it this year and C++ drops to third. The P language in the top three is Perl, while PHP slips to fourth place, closely followed by Python. The voting was close this year, too; only 59 votes separated C from C++.



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Alexei A. Korolev's picture


I'm pretty sure that gentoo is #1 now. Is there 2007 award for compare?

Very nice article. My

Lip Plumper's picture

My favorite distribution - gentoo(ubuntu?) :)
I think the future for Linux and *nix-software. As for DB - MySQL + Apache + PHP(or IIS+ASP for win. ;) - classic version :)
PS> Very nice article.

Combined, MySQL and

Gerden Smith's picture

Combined, MySQL and PostgreSQL own 70% of the votes.

The GIMP won almost 70% of

bomar's picture

The GIMP won almost 70% of the votes...again.

Combined, MySQL and

Gerden Smith's picture

Combined, MySQL and PostgreSQL own 65% of the votes.

HP claimed first and second

blog's picture

HP claimed first and second place for a combined 35% of all votes in this category. Last year's first-place finisher, the Altix 3000, fell to third this year. .

He says that sites that have

tram's picture

He says that sites that have ugly designs are well known to pull more revenue, be more sticky, build better brands, and generally be more fun to participate in, than sites with beautiful designs."

Remember its not design the

Israel's picture

Remember its not design the people want when visiting a website! They want functions, things to know or buy, information. So a good working website with information, easy access and good products or good prices and lousy design is better than the one with billiant design, but without information, or bad products.

I have a request....

Omair Akhter's picture

Please any one who make this journal please if you will give some sites related to that top rated freeware to download i will be very thankful to you...
Or any one who know those site's addresses please send me e mail..
Love Pakistan!


Anonymous's picture

I cant believe xmms is #1

Anonymous's picture

xmms is totally outdated. It's a has been. The only people who still use xmms are clueless newbies who don't know any better.

Beep Media Player is by far superior to xmms.

It may be old, but not deprec

Anonymous's picture

It may be old, but not deprecated. BMP is a nice attempt, but so far has some apparent bugs that need addressing before I would consider using it regularly. XMMS is rock-solid and stable for all those hours of uninterrupted music pleasure while sitting behind a text editor with your C compiler in hand.

...me and myself?

Anonymous2's picture

...me too, but your iP is logged anyway...;-) - if this blog is hosted by a linux server!