2004 Readers' Choice Awards

Favorite Audio Tool
  1. xmms

  2. mplayer

  3. Audacity

A bit of a shake-up in the audio category, as last year's number two and number three tools—noatun and mpg123, respectively—were knocked out by mplayer and Audacity. xmms remains the clear favorite, however, picking up just fewer than 50% of the total votes. On the write-in side, KDE's amaroK came in as the clear favorite, racking up enough votes to tie mpg123 for sixth place overall.

Favorite Desktop Environment
  1. KDE

  2. GNOME

  3. Window Maker

For several years now, KDE and GNOME have finished first and second, respectively, with an ever-increasing distance between the two. This year, KDE received two votes for every one GNOME received. Window Maker holds on to the number three spot, beating XFce by a single vote. No one said “they all suck” this year, and the only write-in voter who expressed frustration said he might try to write his own environment.

Favorite Linux Web Site
  1. LinuxFR

  2. Slashdot

  3. Freshmeat.net

Last year we noted how close voting was in this category, and this year, for the first time ever, Slashdot isn't the favorite Web site. Granted, only six votes separated LinuxFR from Slashdot, but has Slashdot lost some of its cachet? Or is it simply because even hardware vendor news sounds exciting in French?

Favorite Linux Training
  1. Linux Certified, Inc., Linux Systems & Network Administration Class

  2. SuSE Linux Training

  3. Tie: Novell Certified Linux Engineer and Linux Lunacy Cruise

Judging by the numbers, most of our voters aren't into formal training, preferring instead to use a combination of books, Web resources and, as one voter put it, “hard knocks”. Among those going the more formal route, Linux Certified, which offers classes in San Francisco and Boston, was the favorite.

Favorite Distributed File Sharing System
  1. BitTorrent

  2. Gnutella

  3. Red Hat Global Filesystem

In its first year on our official nominee list, BitTorrent claimed first place with no trouble whatsoever, winning 62% of the votes. Last year's favorite, Gnutella, fell hard to second place, with just less than 11% of the total. eMule and eDonkey grabbed most of the write-in votes, except for the person who believes “communism is wrong”. BitTorrent users can check out legaltorrents.com for many gigabytes of music, books and movies all released under Creative Commons licenses.

Favorite Programming Beverage
  1. Coffee

  2. Water

  3. Tea

Year after year, what people drink while programming is one of the most hotly debated categories. Especially among the write-in responses, our voters are loyal to their beverages beyond belief. Caffeine in all its forms continues its reign, claiming around 85% of all votes. And who drinks Five Alive? I didn't even know they made that anymore!

Favorite Embedded Distribution
  1. Qtopia

  2. MontaVista Linux

  3. BlueCat

In its third year on the ballot, the embedded distribution category continued to gain an increasing amount of total votes. Judging by the write-ins, a lot of embedded Linux work is done using customized or homemade variations. Among the commercial variants, the PDA environment Qtopia remains the favorite with a strong lead, almost twice the number of votes as the second-place MontaVista. The Open Embedded Project also is attracting a number of developers.

Favorite Web-Hosting Service
  1. RackSpace Managed Hosting

  2. Hurricane Electric Web Hosting

  3. ServerBeach

With just less than 20% of all the votes, RackSpace is your favorite Web-hosting service again this year. But most of the votes in this category continue to come in the form of write-ins, almost 64%. So what are you using? OVH, Speakeasy, Amen (a French service) and DreamHost all received several mentions. Overall, Web hosting remains a DIY job among this voting crowd.



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Alexei A. Korolev's picture


I'm pretty sure that gentoo is #1 now. Is there 2007 award for compare?

Very nice article. My

Lip Plumper's picture

My favorite distribution - gentoo(ubuntu?) :)
I think the future for Linux and *nix-software. As for DB - MySQL + Apache + PHP(or IIS+ASP for win. ;) - classic version :)
PS> Very nice article.

Combined, MySQL and

Gerden Smith's picture

Combined, MySQL and PostgreSQL own 70% of the votes.

The GIMP won almost 70% of

bomar's picture

The GIMP won almost 70% of the votes...again.

Combined, MySQL and

Gerden Smith's picture

Combined, MySQL and PostgreSQL own 65% of the votes.

HP claimed first and second

blog's picture

HP claimed first and second place for a combined 35% of all votes in this category. Last year's first-place finisher, the Altix 3000, fell to third this year. .

He says that sites that have

tram's picture

He says that sites that have ugly designs are well known to pull more revenue, be more sticky, build better brands, and generally be more fun to participate in, than sites with beautiful designs."

Remember its not design the

Israel's picture

Remember its not design the people want when visiting a website! They want functions, things to know or buy, information. So a good working website with information, easy access and good products or good prices and lousy design is better than the one with billiant design, but without information, or bad products.

I have a request....

Omair Akhter's picture

Please any one who make this journal please if you will give some sites related to that top rated freeware to download i will be very thankful to you...
Or any one who know those site's addresses please send me e mail..
Love Pakistan!


Anonymous's picture

I cant believe xmms is #1

Anonymous's picture

xmms is totally outdated. It's a has been. The only people who still use xmms are clueless newbies who don't know any better.

Beep Media Player is by far superior to xmms.

It may be old, but not deprec

Anonymous's picture

It may be old, but not deprecated. BMP is a nice attempt, but so far has some apparent bugs that need addressing before I would consider using it regularly. XMMS is rock-solid and stable for all those hours of uninterrupted music pleasure while sitting behind a text editor with your C compiler in hand.

...me and myself?

Anonymous2's picture

...me too, but your iP is logged anyway...;-) - if this blog is hosted by a linux server!