Voting for 2004 Readers' Choice Awards Now Open

Vote for your favorites!

Linux Journal is pleased to announce the opening of the polls in the 10th annual Readers' Choice Awards.

Vote for your favorites in over 20 categories, from favorite programming language to favorite programming beverage. If your favorite isn't on the list, use the write-in option for each category.

Voting will take place from July 6 through August 5, and winners will be published in the November 2004 issue of Linux Journal. This year's many choices are based on results from nominations by community vendors, new releases, past nominees and winners, as well as previous write-in favorites.

Use the on-line voting form to cast your vote in Linux Journal's 2004 Readers' Choice Awards. Only one vote per person, please.



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Favourite Graphics Application

Anonymous's picture

It is not included in the list but make sure to consider Inkscape in the Favourite Graphics application category.

Inkscape has not be around that long but they have already made lots of progress and even created the Project.

Re: Favourite Graphics Application

tonymac's picture

Inkscape is excellent. Very useful when combined with Scribus ( ) for publisher-ready PDF's.

Video Software category?

Anonymous's picture

With all of the great video processing applications now
on Linux, you need a category for them as well. From
mpeg2enc and transcode, to Xine and Mplayer, to avidemux
and Cinlerra, and even Blender and Maya, digital content
creation tools are in really great shape on Linux.


Anonymous's picture

Wasn't on the list...

[x] Postfix
[ ] Sendmail
[ ] Qmail

Re: Voting for 2004 Readers' Choice Awards Now Open

Anonymous's picture

Some applications that need to be included in voters choice awards. 1. Maya 6 for Linux (it works flawslessly on allot of distributions). 2. SoftImage XSI and XSI Express v3.0 as well. These are two Linux apps that get used allot in Hollywood , and are way more user friendly, powerful, and easier to learn over free apps like Blender. Also 3. Cinepaint ( A good video editor and companion to Gimp) that has many contributions by the pro's in the field like ILM. I wish Alias would develop a Maya 6 PLE for Linux so that others can learn how to use this great app with Linux. Sure Maya isn't cheap, but it works better in Linux than Windows XP, and is mainly used in a Linux enviroment by professional CG artists.

Re: Voting for 2004 Readers' Choice Awards Now Open

Anonymous's picture

Your Audio Tools list is sorely missing one of the most widely used audio tools: Pd (Pure data, Why include almost dead tools like Softwerk and omit Pd???

Re: Voting for 2004 Readers' Choice Awards Now Open

Anonymous's picture

A pity there is no "best softphone" category yet...