Paranoid Penguin - Rehabilitating Clear-Text Network Applications with Stunnel

Put modern crypto onto your legacy applications without modifying them. Mick Bauer shows how to bring pre-SSL programs up to date.

And that, I hope, is enough to start you down the path of Stunnel mayhem. As usual, I've scratched only the surface. I leave it up to you to explore Stunnel's ability to authenticate tunnels with client-certificate checking, its support for TCPwrappers-style access controls and the myriad global and service-specific options supported in stunnel.conf. Let the stunnel(8) man page be your guide, and may your single-TCP-port-using unencrypted-TCP applications be eavesdroppable no more.

Resources for this article: /article/7646.

Mick Bauer, CISSP, is Linux Journal's security editor and an IS security consultant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's the author of Building Secure Servers With Linux (O'Reilly & Associates, 2002).



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Need Help On how to change port 23 to port 992

Anonymous's picture

Our network is connected to proxie server and we already set our proxie server to accept port 992 but when the client computer connects logon the the website it will be block by the proxie server so we need to change the port 23 to port 992. Pls advise if you have any detailed suggestion on how to do this. The client PC is running windows XP pro and the server is running windows server 2000