PyCon DC 2004

Showing off new software, planning for the future and running sprints in DC.

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PyConDC2004 Aftermath

SubEthaEdit Session Notes

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Python Software Foundation

What's New in Python 2.4

Python 2.4 Release Schedule

Bruce Eckel's Weblog (the four entries for March 2004 are relevant to his keynote address)

Electronic Frontier Foundation: a watchdog group for civil liberties in cyberspace (non-Python)

PyCon DC 2003

Import This: the Tenth International Python Conference

It Fits Your Brain: the Ninth Annual International Python Conference

Chandler: a personal information manager (PIM). a Twisted-powered commercial Web mail site, whose software is available open source at

Fuse: a Python replacement for SubEthaEdit (developers' mailing list).

Guido van Robot: a small programming language for teaching basic programming concepts. GvR was written by high school students. Not to be confused with Guido van Rossum (also GvR), the inventor of Python.

MoinMoin: a wiki wiki engine.

Nevow: a web application framework, successor to Twisted Woven.

Plone: a content management system (CMS) for Zope.

Python: the last programming language you'll have to learn.

Twisted: an asynchronous framework for all types of Internet applications.

Zope: a Web application universe, the Emacs of Web applications.

Upcoming Python Conferences

Python UK (April 16-17; Oxford, England)

EuroPython (June 7-9; Göteborg, Sweden)

OSCON (July 26-30; Portland, Oregon, USA)

Northwest Python Sprint (date TBD; Seattle, Washington, USA)

Mike has been a Python enthusiast since the mid 1990s. He worked for SSC from 1998 to 2003 doing Web application development and sysadmin stuff. Now he's working for a medical e-commerce site. He firmly believes the third article of the Zen of Python: "Simple is better than complex".



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LeoN a pure Python SubEthaEdit clone

Anonymous's picture

There is a previous pure python SubEthaEdit clone that has an full featured alpha release

Re: PyCon DC 2004

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Since Mike didn't mention it, I'll point out -- the VoIP software that Anthony Baxter presented is called Shtoom, and it's hosted at Divmod:

-- Christopher Armstrong

Re: PyCon DC 2004

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I've read half a dozen writeups on PyCon 2004. Mike's is the clear
winner among them all. Thanks! I really feel like I've gotten some of the essence of an interesting event.

About Fuse

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There is a previous pure python SubEthaEdit clone that has an full featured alpha release