Cooking with Linux - It's a Cross Platform, All Right!

Linux-based file managers make it easy to use files and printers on your legacy Microsoft Windows systems.


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Samba 3.x

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SMB4K Not work in samba 3.x correctly...

Re: Samba 3.x

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Yes it does. I'm Using version 3.0.2a Mandrake 10 works perfectly

Re: It's a Cross Platform, All Right!

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The date on this article is Thursday, July 01, 2004
we are only June 10

An error occurred while loading smb:/

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I make quite a lot of use of smbclient from the command line so I was very pleased to see this article. However, when I tried out his first suggestion of using konqueror to join my network neighbourhood I got this message when I typed smb:/ into the Location field. I've googled this error message but not really got anything useful. I am using Konqueror 3.1.1 on KDE 3.1.5 and Kernel 2.2.20.

"An error occured while loading smb:/:
Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:
klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_smb'."



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i had to install samba and openldap-client.
After that Konqueror could brows via smb:/

solved on my system by

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solved on my system by ensuring that (installed to /usr/local/samba/lib/ by make install of samba from source) was symlinked from /usr/lib/

ldd of was how I figured it out - there was a dynamic link dependency reporting "Not found".
Needed a symlink as btw.



weber's picture was not found in my case.

# locate
# ldd /usr/lib/kde3/|grep 'not f' => not found
# yum -y install libsmbclient

Check that you have kio_smb i

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Check that you have kio_smb io-slave. There was reported an error with samba 3.0.8, that kdebase would not compile samba support. The same happens if you do not have samba on your system.

Re: An error occurred while loading smb:/

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Could it be that you need another slash (/) at the end of the line? eg: smb://

Re: An error occurred while loading smb:/

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I'd suggest that you would upgrade your KDE setup, it's quite old.

It's possible, that your samba libraries (libsmb) are not compatible with kio_smb -ioslave.

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