Cooking with Linux - Eye Candy for Admins? Aye, SuperKaramba!

Don't merely monitor your system logs—give your system stats displays a certain je ne sais quoi with GUI tools.


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Liquid Weather

Windows Boy's picture

Hey hey - as a windows user I have to admit, that this piece of software looks great.

Re: Liquid Weather

Linux Boy's picture

Then, why do you not change to linux 8-))))


Windows Boy's picture

There are still some working-progs left, that do not exist under Linux. And - to be honest - as I grew up with Windows, it is much easier for me. Greetings.

Re: Cooking with Linux

Anonymous's picture

Can this be used with xfce ? i have gnome and kde installed but dont use them.

If so how.


Re: Cooking with Linux

Anonymous's picture

As far as I know it would require KDesktop, or QDesktop, so probably not.

Re: Cooking with Linux

Anonymous's picture

gdesklets works in xfce last time I checked, so you could try that if Super Karamba isn't working out.

Welcome to 1998

Anonymous's picture

ActiveDesktop, Windows98/98SE.

Sure, it was populated with boring old Disney, CNN, and Forbes, but then, as now, Windows users didn't know computer internals could be so fun!

(Just being a smart ass -- I'm going to apt-get it as soon as I get home)

Re: Cooking with Linux

Anonymous's picture

This is neat, but I favor the vastly more professionnal moodss monitoring application, which can be used to build really neat and complete dashboards.

Re: Cooking with Linux

Anonymous's picture

This kind of tool is really neat!

You can check out the GNOME equivalent: gDesklets

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