Arkeia 5.2 Network Backup

The design shows careful thought about what a backup manager needs.

The product accommodates tape duplication to use, for example, if you want to keep both on-site and off-site copies of backup tapes.

The command-line clients, covered partly in the ending chapters of the User's Guide, partly in the 137-page Command Line Interface Manual, permit you to manage Arkeia through a command-line interface and let you access this software by way of your own scripts. Some sample scripts are provided.


I like this product. The GUI takes a little getting used to, and the fit and finish is rough in some places. The design shows careful thought about what a backup manager needs. Cross-platform support is good. The command-line clients ensure that you're not stuck with a closed-in GUI that won't let you get beyond what the GUI provides. The Quick Start Guide offers a painless introduction to the software, and the other two manuals pick up nicely where it leaves off. Free 30-day evaluation support was quick and courteous.

Dan Wilder is technical manager at Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc.


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