GUI Scripting with Tcl/Tk

Tcl/Tk may not look very modern, but it has handy features such as variables that automatically take on the value of a widget. Tcl/Tk remains the tool of choice for many script writers.

Tcl/Tk is the oldest of the GUI-enabled scripting languages in common use today, but it doesn't enjoy the monopoly position it used to have. Python, coupled with GTK or Qt, now provides a more contemporary solution to many of the problems for which Tcl/Tk used to be the natural choice. Both Tcl/Tk and Visual Tcl have some ground to make up in terms of looks, features and desktop integration. Yet, the simplicity of application development offered by the mature and superbly integrated combination of the Tcl language and the Tk toolkit still is second to none. If you have a simple scripting task that would benefit from a GUI, where speed and cost of development are important, Tcl/Tk still should be near the top of the list of contenders for the job.

Derek Fountain is a freelance software developer, specializing in UNIX and Linux. He strongly believes in the adage of “make it as simple as possible, but no simpler”. That's why he deploys scripting solutions wherever possible. He lives in Perth, Western Australia.



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PureTkGUI supersedes VisualTCL (or is about to...)

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Hello !

I have recently discovered PureTkGUI, it looks like an "up-to-date" VisualTCl clone. It supports the themed tk widgets brought by TclTk 8.5 and looks quite alive. It's open source and free.

tG² with layout editor ala VisualBasic style widget placement

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Hello too, how about the following initiative :

Tk is themeable since

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Tk is themeable since version 8.5.