New Products

 in 1.1, Panasas ActiveScale Storage Cluster, Aqua Data Studio 3.5 and more.
GEME Series Embedded Computers

Adlink's new embedded computer series, the General Embedded Machine Engine (GEME), is designed for measurement, automation and communication needs. GEME combines an embedded SBC and power supply unit with optional storage peripherals, such as CompactFlash or a 2.5" hard drive. Featuring multiple mounting schemes, the modular chassis design allows one PMC and multiple PC/104 modules to be added. GEMEs come in three base configurations, all featuring low voltage, fanless processors and various extension modules, including video capture, gigabit Ethernet interface, remote I/O, serial communications and 64-channel DI/DO.

Adlink Technology America, Inc., 15279 Alton Pkwy., Suite 400, Irvine, California 92618, 949-727-2077,

NemeSys DAW64

RackSaver and AMD have collaborated on the new NemeSys 64-Bit Digital Audio Workstation (DAW64), which features AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor. Designed for digital audio processing, editing and mastering needs in a studio environment, DAW64 is a 4U rackmountable system with dual Opteron processors, 4GB of RAM, four 36GB Raptor SATA hard drives, a 3ware RAID controller and an NVIDIA Quadro 4 380XGL graphics card. The 64-bit address spaces provide users with direct access to virtual instruments and music libraries in physical memory, eliminating the need for distributed content on multiple workstations.

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