The REDACLE Work-Flow Management System

A MySQL-based system handles the data management, quality control and bookkeeping for building a new scientific instrument with 500,000 parts. Here's how you can adapt it for your manufacturing process.

Giovanni Organtini ( teaches Computing and Programming for Physicists at the University of Rome. He has been a Linux user both for research and teaching for nine years, and he has been married to Federica for ten. He is involved in the design and realization of particle detectors and advanced computing for high-energy Physics.

Luciano M. Barone ( is Associate Professor of Physics at Rome University La Sapienza. Born to physics as a high-energy experimentalist, he quickly turned to computing applications in the same field. He likes to tackle large problems and tame them to the finest detail.



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Re: The REDACLE Work-Flow Management System

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Is there a missing Parts table example in the article? Tables 1 and 2 are mentioned in the 2nd paragraph of the REDACLE:the Database Design section. The table 2 example seems to pertain to text found later in the article.

I would like to see the schema for the partDefinition table.