A Temporary Internet Lounge

When you need an Internet access area at an event, do some advance preparation to create a custom Linux load so everything goes smoothly on the big day.


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I was waiting for this since long time, Need more info.

kintesh_patel's picture

I am a software developer grown in Microsoft and currently moving to Linux. I immigrated to USA from India and I see lots of Indian old aged people, who do not know how to operate computer but wants to read Online Indian Newspaper everyday on Internet to stay in touch with motherland. I was waiting for this type of (Linux based) article for them as I have lots of old computers in my basement to provide them for Internet surfing.

I gone thru this article as I received LJ, I am at beginner level, so it looked little bit tough to follow all the steps. It would be helpful if this article can expend in 2-3 part for beginner level people.

I also provide technical support to some of my relatives in Canada on phone, when their Windows gets crash. Providing this type of CD will also good for them to bring them on Internet first when their Windows has crashed.

Thanks Colin for writing this article, for which I was waiting since long long time.

Kintesh Patel
Columbus, OH

I just read your article abou

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I just read your article about the Torcon Internet Lounge and wanted to let you know I was one of your users. I had been dissatisfied with Microsoft licensing trends, security issues, and business practices for some time, and using the Linux machines in the Lounge gave me a lot of confidence that a Linux desktop was feasible.

Within a month of returning home, I started running Redhat 9 on a dual boot machine, and a few months after that a local PC dealer built a white box machine for me to which I installed Fedora Core as the only operating system. We currently run three Fedora Core 3 systems, and although two of them still dual boot to Windows 98, sometimes we will go weeks without doing so.

Great article

stash420's picture

GREAT READ! This gives me hope... Linux is coming and noone can stop it!

I especially liked your workaround with the Flash plugins... brilliant!