DVD Transcoding with Linux Metacomputing

A Condor high-throughput DVD transcoding system for Linux.

Francisco J. Gonzalez-Castaño is currently a Professor Titular with the Departamento de Ingenieria Telematica, Universidad de Vigo, Spain and has been a visiting assistant professor with the Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the head of the TC-1 Information Technology Group, Universidad de Vigo. His research interests include mobile communications, high-performance switching, metacomputing and data mining.

Rafael Asorey Cacheda was born in Vigo, Spain in 1977. Currently, he is a researcher with the TC-1 Information Technology Group, University of Vigo. His interests include content distribution, high-performance switching, video transcoding and IPv6.

Rafael P. Martinez-Alvarez works as a telecommunications engineer for the TC-1 Information Technology Group, University of Vigo, Spain. His interests include multimedia encoding formats and real-time multimedia transcoding.

Eduardo Comesaña-Seijo was born in 1976 in Vigo, Spain. He has been a researcher with the TC-1 Information Technology Group, University of Vigo. He currently works for Comunitel Global SA (a Spanish Telco). His interests include real-time multimedia transcoding and parallel computing.

Javier Vales-Alonso is a Professor Ayudante with the Department of Information Technologies and Communications, Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain. His research interests include mobile networks and metacomputing.



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Source code for this experiment

Anonymous's picture

This experiment sounds interesting, any possibility of sharing the code that pulls it all together?

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