GDL2: the GNUstep Database Library

Deal with your relational databases with a cross-platform, object-oriented layer that takes the hassle out of Model-View-Controller application development.

As you have seen in this article, GDL2 provides a complete framework to develop database-oriented applications on GNUstep. Porting GDL2 applications to Mac OS X also is entirely possible. Mac OS X binary packages of GDL2, containing the PostgreSQL adaptor, are available directly from the GNUstep FTP server.

Furthermore, a lot of work recently has been done to develop a complete clone of EOModeler, which eases the creation of EOModel. We soon might no longer need to create the model programmatically or write the plist files manually. In addition, PostgreSQL is not the only supported database for GDL2; support for MySQL also is being developed. Adaptors also can be developed easily for other databases, flat files, LDAP or any kind of data feed that would map elegantly to enterprise objects.

EOF is an interesting framework for developing database-oriented applications. Late incarnations of EOF were bundled with WebObjects, a complete framework for creating dynamic Web-based applications. The GNUstep Project offers a free implementation of WebObjects, named GNUstepWeb. Mixing this technology with EOF sure is a winning combination, one that we hopefully will cover in an upcoming article.

Ludovic Marcotte ( holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Montréal. He is currently a software architect for Inverse, Inc., an IT consulting company located in downtown Montréal.



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Re: GDL2: the GNUstep Database Library

langles's picture

Interesting article.

At this moment, this site at this link doesn't seem to exist:

MySQL EOF Adaptor:

And for the Python-inclined, there is a EOF-inspired Object-Relational database bridge called "Modeling" at: