New Products

Pioneer DVD-Video Recorder, LONE-Tar 4.0 and more.
Columbitech Wireless Suite

Columbitech announced the availability of a Linux client for its Columbitech Wireless Suite, which allows PDA application developers, car manufacturers and telematic developers to build wireless security applications without requiring a lot of CPU or memory power from the device. Columbitech Wireless Suite consists of three software components: Columbitech Wireless VPN, client software installed on a PDA or laptop; Columbitech Gatekeeper, installed on a server in the DMZ for handling authentication and load balancing; and Columbitech Enterprise Server, installed on a server in the corporate network handling the VPN sessions. Columbitech Enterprise Server includes Columbitech Wireless VPN Server and Columbitech WAP Connector, and it terminates both the encrypted VPN tunnel and WTLS-based WAP communication.

Columbitech, Inc., 11 Penn Plaza, 5th Floor, New York, New York 10001, 212-946-4820,

Snap Server 14000 3TB

Snap Server 14000 3TB is a network-attached storage product that offers 3TB of storage capacity. The 14000 3TB enables enterprise IT workers to consolidate file servers into a centralized system for information sharing across heterogeneous networks with Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows clients. Guardian OS is used in the 14000 3TB, which offers software for ADS integration, snapshots, network backups and data replication with server-to-server synchronization software. The high-availability architecture includes RAID5, hot-swappable disk drives, redundant components and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Snap Appliance, Inc., 2001 Logic Drive, San Jose, California 95124, 408-879-8700,