Introducing Scribus

Scribus is a full-featured desktop publishing application that works with a paste-up model, not the typewriter model of word processors. Learn to create industry-standard PDF documents for print.
Summing Up

As a personal aside, as a Linux newbie and nonprogrammer at the time, volunteering to work on the documentation was one of the best experiences I have had in computing. Coming from the Windows/Mac/Novell world, this gave me a more sophisticated understanding of Linux/UNIX methodologies. Many excellent open-source projects and developers almost always can use help with documentation and testing. For nonprogrammers, this is a small repayment for the many programs we enjoy so freely.

The history of DTP on Linux is, well, brief. In 2000, Adobe publicly beta tested a release of Framemaker that runs on some flavors of UNIX. It then disappeared. For a short time, a company called Chilliware offered a DTP application called Ice Sculptor. The company closed shortly after the release. Although DTP is in some respects a niche application, Scribus brings new reach to the Linux desktop.



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DPI doesn't matters in Web

José Antonio Meira da Rocha's picture

In Web, DPI (dots per inch) does not make sense, as computer monitor use pixel measurement units, not inches. In Desktop Publishing softwares, DPI is just used as a reference to place and scale bitmap images. What really matter, in both web and print, is the size of image in pixels (width and height). Press jobs need big images (200-300 pixels for each inch of printed image) to be printed with quality. Just changing the Web image DPI doesn't make it suitable for print, as the width in pixels is not changed.

Don't forget that now there i

Anonymous's picture

Don't forget that now there is a wiki too!