At the Forge - Bricolage Alerts

Keep track of what's happening on your Web site with alerts for key events.

As we saw last month, Bricolage is a large and complex system. Alerts make it possible for relevant information to pursue you, freeing you from having to hunt it down on a number of different screens. Although alerts are only a small part of the Bricolage system, they offer an intriguing view of its depth and breadth and of the options available with different objects.

Reuven M. Lerner ( is a consultant specializing in open-source Web/database technologies. He and his wife, Shira, recently celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Shikma Bruria. Reuven's book Core Perl was published by Prentice Hall in early 2002, and a second book about open-source Web technologies will be published by Apress in 2003.



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