Cross-Platform CD Index

CD-ROM content needs a search engine that can run in any browser, straight from static index files. JavaScript and XML make it possible.

Many improvements to jsFind are possible, and they'll come as it is used by open-source users. Such features as having an image archive search with thumbnails, multipage result sets and stronger browser compatibility checks all are possible using this code as a springboard.

The 2002 LJ Archive CD-ROM contains the jsFind search engine. If you're a developer of CD-ROM content, please consider using jsFind over solutions with proprietary OSes. Doing so will be cheaper and will connect you with a larger potential user base. As an end user, I hope to be delivered from having to install a program and dual-boot simply to search content on a CD-ROM. Other innovative uses for the software might be possible as well, so consider it to be one more tool in the open-source toolbox.

Shawn P. Garbett is a software consultant with more than 15 years of experience in engineering and medical applications for UNIX systems. He enjoys a good jazz show and loves a well-spun tale.



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Where did you get and from?

The jsFind page (elucidsoft) is not reachable and Dobrica Pavlinusic's (Perl-)jsFind does not need and provide them.

jsfind link

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just when i thought i'd failed....

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if you get as i did this error after trying to run the binary apon installation:

swish-e: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

follow these directions:

add /usr/local/lib to /etc/
# ldconfig
# swish-e -V




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having a go at this, and seems to be going ok, this is going to be sweet as have been moving into linux from windows for a bit now and this is one of last steps in my process of discarding windows due to not using it :)

anyway, about patching swish with the jsfind Patch

its a bit tricky as the links to the patchs on the jsFind page are broken, but you get one version of the patch file with the main download in the "download" directory...

but it doesnt go on automatically that well, in my case the closest verison match i could get was 2.4.0 swish and patch...

if you use the patch command , 2 of the 4 changes will work but youll have to go in and do that later 2 by hand in a text editor or something a bit spiffy like "bluefish" :)

just read the patch file and then make the changes is outlines yourself, its not that hand once you interpret how a patch file is written and "works"

and way my latest attempt at swish compilation/installation is done and back at the promtpt so im out...

Re: Cross-Platform CD Index

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Wow, an article posted from the future!

Re: Cross-Platform CD Index

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Here's the Linux Journal archive CD which has this software on it.