New Products

SnapGear Embedded Linux

A new free embedded Linux distribution is available from SnapGear, Inc. SnapGear Embedded offers support both for microprocessors lacking MMUs, such as ColdFire, ARM and SPARC, and those with MMUs, including SuperH, XScale and x86. Based on SnapGear's work maintaining μClinux patches, this distribution includes toolchains, API standardizations and library support for a single executable and source collection. Available as a free download on the SnapGear Embedded web site, it also is available for a fee in CD-ROM form.

SnapGear, Inc., 7984 South Welby Park Drive #101, West Jordan, Utah 84088, 801-282-8492, (company site), (downloads).

SmartFLeX SFT-CXC Network Terminal

Based on SmartFLeX Technology's embedded Flash Linux system, the SFT-CXC is a dual-mode network terminal that supports operations as both a character and X terminal. In character terminal mode, the SFT-CXC can have up to five different simultaneous sessions in full-screen mode over Ethernet or a a serial connection. In X mode, the client provides one XDMCP session to a network host system. Shape extensions are included to enable compatibility with window managers. Remote management of the SFT-CXC system settings is available through a browser.

SmartFLeX Technology, Inc., 623 Selvaggio Drive, Suite 220, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064, 610-746-2390,

Address Object for Linux

Address Object for Linux is software that allows programmers to add address verification and routines to custom PC or web applications. Addresses are verified in batch applications or in real time by comparing the submitted address to a time zone, congressional district or county. Latitude and longitude coordinates are returned as well. Address Object uses shared object technology to provide easy installation on existing hardware components. It can operate in any environment running on an x86 platform and is CASS-certified by the US Postal Service.

Melissa Data Corporation, 22382 Avenida Empresa, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688, 949-589-5200,


Offering support for Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1, ATG 6 builds on-line commerce and self-service applications, in addition to managing business transactions and relationships. Functions include self-service order entry, account administration and customer-end tasks such as product comparisons, gift registration and express checkouts. Automation tools direct the logical workflow of projects and automate entire sequences of interactions. Interconnected modules handle publishing, search, analytics, payments and fraud protection duties. ATG integrators are provided to connect ATG 6 with various existing ERP and CRM systems.

ATG, 25 First Street, Second Floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141, 617-386-1000,

Trustix Small Office Server

Trustix has released the Trustix Small Office Server, designed for environments of up to 25 networked users and upgradable to 50 users. Small Office Server includes the Trustix distribution and provides Web, mail, proxy and LAN server capabilities. It can be installed on existing hardware or pre-installed on IBM xSeries hardware. RAV antivirus and antispam software is included, as is the NetVault backup and restore application. Small Office Server supports centralized storage for user files, network caching and a centralized logon.

Trustix, 4819 Emperor Boulevard, 4th Floor, Durham, North Carolina 27703, 919-313-4599,