2003 Editors' Choice Awards

When time for the Editors' Choice awards comes around, we ask for suggestions from all our columnists and contributing editors. This year, we have some familiar names among the winners and a few newcomers to Linux.
Product of the Year

SGI Altix 3000 www.sgi.com/servers/altix

Remember the world's biggest single-system-image Linux box from the February 2003 cover? We recently heard from SGI that Professor Stephen Hawking's research group at Cambridge University just bought one.

Steve Neuner of SGI wrote in February 2003, “When you look at the list of kernel additions included...the list is actually surprisingly small, which speaks highly of Linux's robust original design. What is even more impressive is that many of these and other changes are already in the 2.5 development kernel.” Congratulations to SGI for taking Linux up several steps on the food chain, and congratulations to all our winners.