Put a Sump Pump on the Web with Embedded Linux

Use a simple circuit to determine if an AC-powered device is on or off, and put the information on the Web.


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Cool pump project

Clint VanRoekel's picture

Great article ! ! ! ! I will muster the courage and jump into the pump sensor project. I am a little overwhelmed with the details of your article but I will take it slow and do my homework. My pump project is for a secondary battery powered backup system that has a circuit connected to a buzzer when it kicks on. The Linux based controller with ethernet ports is what I will concentrate on so that I will receive an email or a page when the system runs. Thanks for a great article. This is helping me get excited about the project.

Re: Put a Sump Pump on the Web with Embedded Linux

DrWho's picture

It makes sense. Sort of. But what sort of house, built in that area, didn't come with one from the builder?

Re: Put a Sump Pump on the Web with Embedded Linux

Anonymous's picture

Send one to Alan Cox.
I understand he needs one on a regular basis...

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