Readers sound off.
Out for a Drive

I thought it might interest you to see how high your adverts get in South Africa. Somewhere in that vehicle is my Dell Inspiron 2600 running Slackware 8.1 and GIMP 1.2.3, which helped to make this image in conjunction with my Fuji MX2700 digital camera.

—Alf Stockton

Yay Kernel, Boo Pixelated Games

I just got my Linux Journal (May 2003) in the mail the other day, and many pressing things were put aside while I read it. The article on the 2.6 kernel typifies what I like about your magazine. Heather Mead's column, “Adaptability and Ingenuity” left me a bit confused. Am I the only one who doesn't know what a theremin is? The Upfront section now and again features programs so old-school they make me cringe; your review and picture of Football Manager is a prime example. The graphics are nothing if not from Atari 2600. These sorts of crufty-looking programs just don't cut it.

—Matt Wyczalkowski

The theremin was the first electronic instrument, invented by Leon Theremin in the 1920s and still played today. And, some of the oldest-looking games have the best play value—Ed.

Another Linux License Plate

Here is another license plate for you. “LINUX” was already spoken for in my province, so I chose to describe myself rather than the OS.

—Richard Weait

Fresh Cuisine

My wife and I are absolutely pleased with the fresh, unique articles written by Marcel Gagné. On seeing a negative comment about the French chef's approach in the May 2003 Letters department, I just had to write and defend that which we enjoy so much.

—Glen Farmer


On page 12 of the April 2003 issue, the quotation by Craig Sanders should have been attributed to an interview done by Sam Varghese, which was published on the technology web sites of The Age Online and the Sydney Morning Herald Online.